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2017/4/11 --  Coauthoring with Stephen Kozacik and Eric Kelmelis (EM Photonics) a technical paper and presentation
 "Photo-acoustic and Video-acoustic Methods for Remote Sensing of Distant Sound Sources", SPIE Defense + Security conference, Anaheim, CA

~ ~ ~  2016  ~ ~ ~

2016/12/6 -- For several years I have been using small portable high quality video and audio recorders manufactured by Sound Devices.
They found my work interesting and wrote an article as part of their InAction series. (copy)

2016/8/11 --  Smallsat conference technical presentation (Download this technical paper)

2016/7/12 -- I was honored to become a SPIE Senior member (more info)

2016/6/28 -- US patent 9,379,834 awarded (download this patent)

2016/4/18-21 -- Remote Acoustic Sensing (RAS) technology was on display in the Ecliptic Enterprises booth
as part of the Futures Park exhibit at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas (video)

~ ~ ~  2015  ~ ~ ~

2015/10/14 -- I was honored to receive the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) Edmond S. Gillespie Fellowship Award

2015/10/1 --  Leonard David of Space.com wrote "Listening for Alien Life: Could New Tech Detect Microbe Movements?"
This story was later picked up by Fox News, Yahoo and several other news organizations

2015/9/2 -- Coauthored with Rex Ridenoure (Ecliptic Enterprises) a technical paper and presentation
 "Passive Remote Acoustic Sensing in Aerospace Environments", AIAA SPACE Forum 2015 in Pasadena, CA

2015/3/1 -- Consulting business started.

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