SCKA kiteboarding safety clinic (2011/4/30)

The Southern California Kiteboarding Association (SCKA) presented a free safety clinic on 2011/4/30.
This well attended event clinic was held at the popular Belmont Shores kitesurfing beach near Los Angeles.

Date: April 30, 2011 - Time : 11 AM to 1 PM
Location : Laverne and Ocean, Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California


The orientation was by Dan Corbett, president of the Southern California Kiteboarding Association (SCKA)

Alan Vaughn (Kitesufari), Dan Corbett (SCKA president), Jim Corbett, Bart Miller (Socal Kiteboarding)

Core kite sales demo

This was by Ruley of Core Kites.

Demonstration of new safety features on the control bar.

Launch, Land, Drag

Bart Miller from the Southern California Kiteboarding school showed how to launch and land kites

Bart demonstrating an assisted launch with Dan

Globe Kites demo

This was a demo of Globe Kites latest products.

Right of way Kiting rules and guidelines

Alan Vaughn of Kitesufari discussed beach regulations and right of way rules for kiteboarders.
Alan is going over kiting practices and regulations at the various Southern California kite beaches.

Star kite sales demo

Martin Hubert showed the latest products from Star Kites.

Self rescue

Arnaud from Kitemasters demonstrated  how to properly depower a downed kite, wrap up your lines, work your way to your kite and use it to pull you back to shore.


Using the kite as a rescue sail

Naish kite sales demo

Hank Sanchez talked about Naish Kite's latest products.


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