SCKA kiteboarding safety clinic and swap meet (2010/6/13)

The Southern California Kiteboarding Association (SCKA) presented a free safety clinic and swap meet on 2009/6/13.
This well attended event clinic was held at the popular Belmont Shores kitesurfing beach near Los Angeles.

Date: June 13, 2010 - Time : 11 AM to 3 PM
Location : Laverne and Ocean, Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California
Cost : Free

Event Description : Members of SCKA and local instructors will donate their time and knowledge to make kiting safer for everyone. Swap meet is open to all who would like to offer previously ridden gear and to shops permitted to sell on this beach. Requirement : For most activities there is no prerequisite required. All are welcome to come and learn the first steps towards kiting safely.

First was a swap meet from 11 AM to 1 PM

Gear inspection and safety system deployment: (Francis Hu & Bart Miller - Southern California Kiteboarding)

Learn how to inspect and maintain your equipment to prevent problems. Learn what to do in case of equipment failure. Learn how the safety system works on your kite & bar and how to activate them. Practice letting go of the bar and activating your safety. Also test your quick releases under load to make sure they work. Be sure to bring your own bar and harness to fully participate in this clinic.

Kiting rules and guidelines: (Nudge - Australian Kitesurf Academy)

Learn about the typical weather conditions in So Cal and what to watch out for. Also learn about wind strength, kite size, wind directions, and when you should not go out. Will go over the general rules pertaining to right of way as well as local kiting rules and Regulations. This would help for all those traveling to new locations.


Nudge is going over weather, kiting practices and regulations at the various Southern California kite beaches.

Land simulation of water dragging and self rescue: (Arnaud - Kitemasters)

Learn how to body drag upwind to retrieve your board without a leash. Learn how to depower your downed kite, wrap up your lines, work your way to your kite and use it to pull you back to shore.


Using the kite as a rescue sail

Assisted / Self Launching and Landing (Carter - Kitesufari)

Learn where to hold a kite / direct others to hold your kite on launch. Learn how to land a kite / direct others to help you land your kite
For more advanced Kiters only, Learn how to self launch and land your kite

Carter has an unusual way of dropping in on the class

Ready to teach !

First Carter will be demonstrating assisted and unassisted launches and landings

Later, learn how to jump

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