SCKA kiteboarding safety clinic

The Southern California Kiteboarding Association (SCKA) presented a free safety clinic on 2007/9/29.
This well attended safety clinic was held at the popular Belmont Shores kitesurfing beach near Los Angeles.

Victor, Francis and Dimitrii working at the registration desk.

Clinic A: Body dragging

Martin Zoldano demonstrated upwind body dragging for board retrieval, so you can get rid of your board leash.

Clinic B: Land simulation of water self rescue

PASA instructor Carter Thomas

Carter is showing how to depower a downed kite, wrap up the lines and work your way to your kite and then use the kite to pull you back to shore. Carter also demonstrated various techniques for self launching and landing bow and C kites.

Clinic C: Wind/water/kite selection considerations and kiting rules and guidelines 

Brett Ellis: Learn about the typical weather conditions in So Cal and what to watch out for.  Also learn about wind strength, kite size, wind directions, and when you should not go out.  Will go over the rules of the water and how to kite in crowded places.

Clinic D: Gear inspection and safety system deployment

IKO certified instructor Diane Wenzel provided equipment training:  Learn how to inspect and maintain your equipment to prevent problems.  Learn what to do in case of equipment failure.  Learn how the safety system works on your kite & bar and how to activate them.  Practice letting go of the bar and activating your safety.  Also test your quick releases under load to make sure they work.  Rig up your kite and have your harness ready for this clinic.

Practicing with the kite release

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