Sunset Beach and Surfside

These two beaches provide nearly 2 miles of coastline.

Sunset Beach:

Sunset Beach -- This beach is just south east and directly adjacent to Surfside provides a combined 1.8 miles of continous shoreline. This is an advanced level only beach due to the surf, the small restricted beach launch and landing area and local civic pressure against kiteboarding. Solid upwind skills are mandatory. A recent beginner kiting accident here has made this beach particularily sensitive to inadequate kiteboarding skills. The adjacent Bolsa Chica beach area was closed to kitesurfing in 2003. During the Summer (memorial day to labor day), launch and land between 11th and Broadway only and kite after 2PM on weekdays and 3PM on weekends. After labor day, all of Sunset beach is ok but stay at least 300 feet away from swimmers and surfers, etc. Parking is free on the street. Good: large open area without obstructions or local wind shadows. Bad: parking can be quite difficult in the summer. Click here for the local kitesurfing rules.

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