Seal Beach

Seal Beach:

This beach is just Southeast of Belmont Shores with the San Gabriel River, a harbor channel and a jetty separating them. Seal Beach has similar, but often a bit stronger winds. The ocean kiteboarding area is much smaller than Belmont Shores, less than 1/4 of the size. The number of kitesurfers is also much less, on the order of a dozen on a summer weekend. Waves are still generally small unless there is a South swell, because of shielding from the Long Beach harbor. Be particularily careful about stringrays (shuffle your feet) as they like the warm water flowing out from the San Gabriel River. This is an intermediate / advanced level only beach since the limited launch access corridor requires the ability to kiteboard upwind back to your launch point. The access corridor is toward the Northwest end of the beach and is clearly marked by a pair of signs. Also do not kite within 200 feet of the pier or within 500 feet of the channel entrance. There is a very nice grass kite setup area next to the parking lot. You can self land your kite here in a wind shadow area behind the bushes and trees at the Southeast corner of the setup area. Unlike Belmont, you can kitesurf right up to the sand. Parking is $2 for two hours or $5 for all day. Good: nice grassy kite setup area, relatively uncrowded. Bad: small kiting area with the pier downwind if you crash. Click here for the local kitesurfing rules.

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