Rat Beach - Torrance

Rat (right after Torrance) Beach is an intermediate level beach. You need to be comfortable staying upwind and with surf. The winds are best here in the spring and early summer.

Rat Beach (Torrance):

This beach is very scenic with the Palos Verdes Peninusla to the South. Most of the activity is between Rat Beach (RAT = right after Torrance) and Torrance Beach. Check with the local kitesurfers and/or a lifeguard prior to setting up. This is an intermediate / advanced level only beach since the limited launch access corridor requires the ability to kiteboard upwind back to your launch point. The access corridor is between the lifeguard towers "cliff" and "bluff". Once out, stay beyond the breaking waves. Winds generally tend to be weak here. The best winds generally occur in the late spring or early summer in the early afternoon. Click here for the local kitesurfing rules.

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