Mission Beach and Mission Bay - San Diego

Mission Beach and Mission Bay are adjacent areas.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is a flat water region that is a popular learning location. It is also known as "Stinkys"

Mission Bay (San Diego) -- Emerald Cove in Mission Bay is is the most popular learning beach in the San Diego area. Winds are generally quite weak in the San Diego area, even weaker than Los Angeles. A typical kitesurfing setup is a 16 meter kite with a light wind board. The winds pick up again, further to the South in Mexico.

More info & links:
- Google map -
- IKitesurf - Wind measurements and predictions
- Beachcam - I haven't found one yet
- www.sandiegokiteboarding.com - San Diego kiteboarding forum
- Mission Bay bike trail - Something else fun to do when the winds are weak.

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