These are the official kitesurfing rules as posted by the lifeguards:

Long Beach Kite Boarding Rules and Regulations - June 2005

1. No jumping or jibing in the swim area or within 200 feet of shore. (LBMC 16.12.190)

2. Do not travel through swim area parallel to shore. Launch and land near to right angles. (LBMC 16.12.120 & 16.12.130)

3. Speed limit 5 mph within 200 feet of a beach frequented by bathers. (LBMC 16.12.190)

4. Bathers always have the right of way. (LBMC 16.12.190)

5. Body drags will be down wind and away from bathers. (LBMC 16.12.190)

6. Manuever in accordance with the rules of the road. (1972 Colregs U.S.C.G. D.O.T)

7. Stay clear of channel entrance and launch corridors. (LBMC 16.12.190)

8. Yield to emergency vehicles, vessels and personnel. (LBMC 16.08.590)

9. Do not fly kite over people or within 100 feet of the bike path. (LBMC 16.16.010 (M))

10. Functional kite leash must be used at all times. (LBMC 16.12.190)

11. Wrap up control lines when kite is grounded (LBMC 16.16.010 (L))

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