Belmont Shores

Belmont Shores is the most popular kitesurfing beach in the LA area. It is a good beach for beginners as it is large and sheltered from the waves. It is just South of Long Beach.

The large Terminal Island cranes are toward the West

A kite mounted aerial camera provides a view of Northern Belmont Shores and Long Beach.

Two kitesurfers in an offshore race.

Rudy with his new Hellfish kite.

Me with my PL Venom kite


Beginners are at the South end, walking the "walk of shame" until they learn how to ride upwind.

Garbage in the water and on the shoreline is common after a winter storm.

Belmont kite zone rules and information. (medium view) (large view)

Belmont Shores:

The most popular kitesurfing beach in the Los Angeles area is Belmont Shores, just east of Long Beach. This beach is large, sandy and suitable for beginners through advanced. Beginners should stay downwind, South of the Clairemont launch ramp. On a busy summer weekend, there can be as many as 80 kiteboarders on the water so it can become quite crowded. The number drops down to about 15-25 on a windy summer weekday. In June 2005, the Long Beach kitesurfing rules were updated with the life guards now more actively enforcing them. Don't go out on a crowded summer holiday weekend unless you can consistantly stay outside of the swim area marker buoys. Belmont usually has side onshore winds from the southwest and minimal waves due to an offshore breakwater. Typical kite sizes are 12 meter bow and 14 meter c-kites. Avoid the turbulent and gusty wind shadow area just downwind of the offshore oil island. Parking is free on the street but the parking lots have meters. The IKiteSurf wind meter is at the Belmont Pier and often does not accurately reflect the local winds to the South. Good: large sandy beach with no waves that is suitable for all skill levels. Bad: can become quite crowded in the summer.

Belmont kitesurfing rule summary:
1. Don't fly a kite within 200 feet (2 kite line lengths) of the bike path.
2. Stay outside the swim area buoys unless launching or landing.
3. Yield to anyone else in the water as everyone in the water has right of way over kitesurfers.
4. Follow sailing rules: Leaving shore, starboard tack (right foot forward) and the downwind kiter have the right of way.
5. Beginner activity should be be South of Clairemont ramp and 200 feet (2 kite line lengths) away from others.
6. Do not sail within 500 feet of the boat channel
7. Don't kitesurf at any other Los Angeles area beach until you have intermediate skills, i.e., the ability to go upwind, self rescue, etc.
8. Shuffle your feet when in the water to avoid stingrays.

More info & links:
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- Beachcam - I haven't found one yet
- SCKA kiting info - More local info is also available from
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- Long Beach bike trail - Something else fun to do when the winds are weak.

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