LA outdoors

The mild to warm Los Angeles weather and proximity to the Pacific Ocean opens up the possibility for a number of fun outdoor sports.

Bicycle trails

There are a number of scenic bicycle trails in the Los Angeles area. Most of these trails are along the Pacific oceanfront, along the various LA river beds or within several parks. The scenery varies widely with location, season and time of day. Click here for photographs taken along these trails.


Kitesurfing is a new, fun and rapidly evolving water sport derived from a combination of kites, windsurfing and wakeboarding. Take a large traction kite and pull yourself along on a fast moving surfboard or wakeboard. A bit on the tricky side but definitely fun once you succeed. With practice, aerial jumps and more are possible. The Southern California coast has a number of locations ideal for kite surfing. Click here for photos and more information about kitesurfing.  


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