San Diego Creek bike trail

This very nice bike trail starts in Irvine and continues South through the Upper Newport Bay ecological area. Much of the trail is in wildlife preserves. This has been the only LA area river trail that I have traveled on that did not have Grafitti.

The northern part of the trail passes many stately townhouses. 

High tech industry 

This is the Upper Newport Bay ecological reserve as seen from University Drive.

A pair of birds near Tern Island staring intensely at each other while an onlooker watches.  

The Upper Newport Bay museum is on the West side of the bay. 

I like this traffic engineer! -- This is along the East side of the Upper Newport Bay ecological reserve. 

A 360 degree panoramic view of the Newport Back Bay from a small park on the west side.

A scenic view from a bluff.

Fancy houses across from Shellmaker Island.

The TV news team is interviewing the green can people. This is at Earth Day (4/21/2001) in the Upper Newport Bay.

You can continue from the South end of this trail by busy surface streets and water ferry to the nearby Newport / Balboa bike trail and from there, catch either the Huntington Beach or Santa Ana River trail.

Orange County Bike Trail map

Newport Back bay map

Rating: * * * * *
Season: Best in the winter and spring when the wildlife is plentiful and the temperatures are mild.
Difficulty: moderate
Hazards: Very little shade in the summer.

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