F Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park

Bicyclists near the old Rolling Hills ranch house. 

Wind driven water pump. 

Single track trail near the 4 corners junction. 

High tension power lines on Raptor Ridge appear as modern art.  

A popular gathering spot is the 4 corners junction.

A telescopic view of Four corners junction from San Juan Peak, the highest point in the park. Telegraph Canyon continues toward the left side.  

South ridge 

Telegraph canyon

A cactus flower on Skully Ridge.

A powered hang glider flying high above the Chino Hills.  

A 360 degree panoramic view just outside of the now closed South Eastern park entrance next to the Green River golf course.  The Santa Ana River trail is less than 1 mile away on the other side of this golf course, but local political restrictions make the connecting journey virtually impossible.
Official park info
Rating:  * * * *
Season: Best in the fall, winter and spring when the wildlife is plentiful and the temperatures are mild.
Difficulty: Easy to strenuous, depending upon trail. Good beginning trails are Telegraph Canyon and Lower Aliso Trail.
Hazards: Mountain Lions and Rattle Snakes are commonly seen here. No water is available except near the campground and the Carbon Canyon entrance. Narrow, steep single track trails.

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