Huntington Beach bicycle trail

This is probably the nicest beach bike trail in the Los Angeles area. The Huntington Beach trail is 8 miles long starting at Sunset Beach and ending at the junction of the Santa Ana River and Newport / Balboa trails. It passes such landmarks as the Huntington Beach pier and Bolsa Chica wildlife preserve. Surfers, free open air concerts and great sights are commonplace. The entire Huntington Beach bicycle trail is oceanfront.

An informal percussion group is often found performing on weekends near the Huntington Beach pier 

The Huntington Beach pier + waves = surfers.
(current surf conditions )  

Expert surfing just south of  the pier.
(more surfing photos)
(surf museum

A great surf band, the Dynotones, perform in a free open air concert in front of the Huntington Beach pier. 

The Dynotones surf band 

The Torquays surf band. 

A casual atmosphere with a surf music in the background.  

Under the Huntington Beach pier on a foggy morning. 

A colorful sunset at the pier.  

Offshore oil platform at dusk

A distant sun setting over Terminal Island.

The Huntington Beach trail connects at the North end by surface streets to the San Gabriel River trail . You can cross Pacific Coast Highway and explore the Bolsa Chica wildlife preserve. The South end connects to the the Santa Ana River trail or you can continue southward along the Newport / Balboa beach trail and from there, the very scenic San Diego Creek trail.

Trail map
Rating: * * * * *
Season: Anytime but quite crowded during summer weekends.
Difficulty: Easy
Hazards: Crowds, pedestrians and other bicyclists not looking where they are going.

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