Newport / Balboa bike trail

This trail starts from the junction of the Huntington Beach and Santa Ana river trails and heads South, finally ending at the entrance to the Newport Bay. The trail is a combination of class 1, 2 and 3 sections. Unlike the more relaxed Huntington Beach trail just to the north, this trail segment seems hyperactive and populated with rich people flaunting their expensive toys.

An offshore sailboat race.  

Newport pier 

A view of the beach crowds from the Newport pier.
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Resting bicyclists 

Colorful plants on the beach. This small oceanfront garden is on the more secluded southwestern end of the peninsula.
 Click here to see how tiny critters might view this same scene.  

The trail ends here at the southern end of the Balboa Peninsula.

Relaxing jet skier.

The North end of this trail connects to the junction of the Huntington Beach and Santa Ana river trails. You can connect with the San Diego Creek trail by water ferry and surface streets from just North of the Balboa pier.

Trail map
Rating: * * *
Season: Anytime but quite crowded during summer weekends.
Difficulty: Easy
Hazards: Crowds, pedestrians not looking where they are going, cars, SUVs, Hum-Vees, etc.

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